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We value our customers and customer satisfaction. There is no surprise our customers continually come back for more rods for themselves, gifts for others, and spreading the word to others. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, contact Paul right away. He will work with you.



As with all rod blanks, sometimes there are manufacture errors that could cause them to break early on. We work with the rod blank company and the customer to resolve the issue. Rods need to be returned by the customer and Paul will fix or remake the rod at no additional cost to the customer.



If you had an accident like a tip broken and such, please do reach out to Paul. Although normal wear and tear, neglect, and accidents are not covered, Paul will work with you to figure out a reasonable plan and the cost associated. Paul is very knowledgeable with rods and is very willing and able to get you fishing again with a Venture Custom Rod!

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