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I am a avid fisherman first and foremost!  Like many I would buy a new fishing rod when I needed or wanted an upgrade.  When looking at new products I would always try and buy the best rod I could afford at the time.  As new products came out and improvements were made, there was always something new and improved.    After buying the top of the line products, I was still wanting more and then bought a couple of "custom" fishing rods.  I absolutely loved these rods and knew I needed more!  That fall while on a fishing trip I broke a fishing rod, and my wife signed me up for a community ed class on rod building.  When I got done with the class I was asked what I thought, and I told her I would never buy a fishing rod again!  After learning what a custom rod was really all about, from the spine of a rod, to proper placement and static testing of guides, picking handle length to personal choice, and simple color choices, I knew I could never buy a shelf rod again.  After making a couple more rods for myself I started looking more into the art of rod building and found information on thread art.  Buying some books, I began to practice and learn how to do Thread Art on a fishing rod.  More tools came and lead me to turning my own handles, making my own cork handles, and the ability to make more than one rod at a time.  I went in to business a few years later and here I am today!  I hope to hear from you and introduce you into the world of Custom rods.

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Bemidji MN

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