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For the
love of fishing


Meet Paul

Paul is an avid fisherman first and foremost!  Like many, he would buy a new fishing rod when he needed or wanted an upgrade. Paul would always shop for the best rod he could afford at the time. There was always something new and improved.   


After buying the top of the line products, Paul was still wanting more; he bought a couple "custom" fishing rods. He absolutely loved these rods and knew he needed more! Then, one Fall, a fishing rod broke, and his wife signed him up for a community education class on rod building.


After learning what a custom rod was really all about, from the spine of a rod, to proper placement and static testing of guides, picking handle length to personal choice, and simple color choices, Paul told his wife he would never buy a fishing rod again! 


After that, Paul began making rods for himself and his family. Next thing you know, Paul is making rods for friends and teaching them how to make their own! As Paul began to research the art of rod building, he was intrigued with incorporating thread art on a fishing rod.


Paul is known for his beautiful, high-quality, custom-built fishing rods. From his standard rods to the gorgeous works of art with one-of-a-kind threat art and handcrafted handles, you can always count on Paul to build a top-quality fishing rod that is not only highly efficient but also a beautiful work of art. It is no surprise that his customers continually come back for more!

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