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First time for everything!

A little about myself to start... I love to fish!

I often get asked how I started building rods, so I will do this first post with a backstory of how it started. When I was younger we started to make our own ice fishing rods out of broken graphite rods. You couldn't find a decent ice rod back then, so we made them what we had on hand, cork from wine bottles, guides off old and broken rods, sewing thread and nail polish to seal thread. As crude as these rods looked they were effective, and we caught a lot of fish on these rods. We still use some of these rods today, and looking at the shelves of stores for ice rods it can be easy to see why.

After getting a good job, I started buying more fishing equipment. As I fished more, I learned that I loved to fish muskies. When I would buy my next rod I would try to get one a little better than the last. Then one year while trolling for muskies on LOTW we broke a rod. Steph (wife) signed me up for a community ed class to build a rod for replacing the broken one. When I got done, she asked how I liked it, I told her I would never buy a rod again.

At that point I started looking around for books, pictures and info where ever I could find it. I took another class from a different rod builder to learn more. After this I started building on a limited basis for guys I worked with and some relatives for cost of parts. This helped me to be able to keep trying to learn and practice while not spending too much money. While doing this I was seeing some of the thread art that other people were doing. I thought I should do that, that looks so neat. There is a lot of books that have info on how, but to understand took practice. Once I learned how and felt good about how they looked I started selling my work and went into business for real.

I now do multiple sports shows in my area every year and this year am expanding to try a show in Tulsa Oklahoma. I sell online here, over the phone, and off of Social Media. I ship all over and do my best to make sure customers get more than they were expecting.

I hope to try and keep up with this and that you like it. Feel free to ask or send me questions or comments.

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