• Paul Amberg

April 20th

Why Should You Buy a Custom Built Fishing Rod?

Many anglers out there might be just like I was up until a few weeks ago. Blissfully ignorant about the real advantages of a custom built fishing rod. Yes, I always liked the idea of having my name on my rod as well as choosing some guide wrap colors and the type of handle length, configuration I preferred, but I came to realize I had no idea what the biggest benefits of having a custom built fishing pole were. If you are serious about your fishing, I highly suggest you continue reading. Anyone who has seen the movie, The Matrix, can relate this choice to picking between the red pill and the blue pill. Once your eyes are opened, you can never shut them and forget what you will soon know by choosing the red pill.

It wasn’t until the NW Sports Show in Minneapolis in March of 2018 that I happened to stumble onto this information. While keeping my good friend Paul Amberg, of Venture Custom Rods, company in his booth at the show, I overheard a younger angler (maybe early 20s) ask the question, “Why is a custom rod better?” Much to my surprise, Paul went into a discussion about the bend of the rod and how the line should follow the rod as close as possible while it is loaded so it does more of the work for you. In case you are as blissfully unaware as I was until that moment, allow me to explain these 2 ideas in detail. I must warn you though, you may never look at your store bought, factory mass produced rods the same way ever again.

Stay tuned for more parts to Justin's article on this, he does a wonderful job of writting it down to keep us all entertained!!

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